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OCRA membership includes individuals who work in Life Sciences industries such as medical device, pharmaceutical, biologic, and dietary supplement, etc.


View open positions in the field of RA/QA and CA – Opportunities or post a job.

Events and

We provide educational and networking events. Join us to keep up with the latest in regulatory and legislative activities!


This directory supplies information about consultants providing regulatory, clinical, and quality system services in Orange County and elsewhere.

About OCRA

Orange County Regulatory Affairs (OCRA) is a non-profit volunteer organization composed of Regulatory Affairs professionals from the Southern California area who are interested in expanding their knowledge through educational programs and networking with one another.

Our Partners


OCRA is committed to identifying new educational and professional development opportunities for our members and to promoting awareness of the Regulatory Affairs profession in general.

Consultants Directory

OCRA provides names of individuals and organizations offering the consulting services without pre-screening or endorsement. Anyone availing themselves of these services does so at their own risk and retains sole responsibility for determining and ensuring the appropriateness of those services to their needs while holding OCRA harmless and without liability for any negative consequences arising from that use.

Contact us

Contact OCRA with any questions or concerns. OCRA is always looking for new members, volunteers to run a program, host for a program, speakers, or help with the Annual Meeting or membership drives.

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A non-profit volunteer organization composed of Regulatory Affairs professionals, OCRA has hundreds of members representing over 250 medical device, pharmaceutical, biologic, and dietary supplement companies in Orange County and surrounding areas.