REJIMUS is a preeminent regulatory strategy and management consultancy empowering companies from around the world to make the best business decisions in quality and regulatory compliance with innovative solutions throughout the supply chains of the Food & Beverage, Dietary Supplement, Animal Feed, Cosmetic and Homeopathic industries.

We are well known for getting companies out of quality/compliance trouble as well as guiding resolution of legal matters based on quality or compliance issues. We do this by by properly and efficiently tackling operational and compliance issues impacting their bottom line or legal positioning, developing and implementing sound regulatory strategies and documentation in the US and abroad, improving value chains, ensuring compliance with major retailer seller requirements, optimizing quality control programs and most importantly, helping mitigate legal and regulatory actions due to non-compliant operational events.
The REJIMUS team provides expertise in the following:

  • - Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting (for Regulatory, Quality, Packaging, Counterfeit Products, Claims, Contaminations, Recalls, Sales and related business practices)
  • - GRAS Self-determinations (or w/ FDA Notification) & New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications and Re-submissions
  • - Facility and Production Design and Planning, Logistical studies, transportation safety, and sanitation
  • - Regulatory Strategy Planning and Transition Management for Quality and Compliance Operations
  • - USDA Level 2 Registrations, Permit Holder and Import/Export Support
  • - GMP Auditing, FDA Warning Letter response support/planning (auditing, qualification or investigations)
  • - Ingredient and Product Label Reviews, Claims Substantiation and Dossiers
  • - Regulatory Scale-up Planning and Due Diligence for Products/Acquisitions
  • - Sales Process Design and Optimization
  • - Product Importation and Exportation Strategy Development and Support
  • - Quality Program Optimization & Troubleshooting