OCRA Partnerships

OCRA is interested in co-promoting events and educational offerings with other non-profit organizations to help foster more awareness of OCRA and to keep our Members informed of other important training and educational offerings.

Partnership Criteria for Non-Profit Organizations:

Items we can offer if relevant to our Members:

  1. Listing events on the OCRA website calendar. 
  2. List your organization on the OCR website’s “Professional Development” page. 
  3. List your events on the email calendar included on most email broadcasts to OCRA members and non-members. 
  4. Onsite signage and/or promotional flyers (provided by the organization) at the registration table at OCRA meetings. 
  5. Announce your programs to the OCRA LinkedIn group.

Information and Activities we cannot offer:

  1. Any contact lists (including member lists or email lists). 
  2. Emails to OCRA Members.

In determining which activities we will co-sponsor or co-promote, the Board of Directors will consider the following:

  1. The activity should be a potential benefit or interest to OCRA members. 
  2. The event should not be in direct conflict with OCRA planned programs of a similar topic. 
  3. The event should not conflict with or detract from OCRA’s planned program attendance. 
  4. The activity should not be a promotional or commercial event for an individual, firm, partnership or organization. 
  5. Exceptions require OCRA Board approval. 
  6. Any proposed signed agreements between organizations require OCRA Board approval.

Partnership Criterion for For-Profit Organizations:

For-profit organizations, if offering a discount to OCRA members, can request their event be listed on the OCRA calendar. All requests require Board approval and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis