Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations

OCRA has several special interest groups (groups of people or organizations seeking or receiving special advantages, typically through political lobbying) that focus on issues germane to regulatory affairs professionals. Take advantage of these SIGs that give you the chance to meet and discuss relevant topics with your peers.  Meetings of these specialty groups are free to OCRA members!

Networking Programs

There’s no better opportunity to connect with the industry’s best and brightest than at our networking events.
• Social events provide casual environments for connecting, networking and having collegial discussions on topics affecting virtually all medical device enterprises
• These forums are typically where career and entrepreneurial opportunities first arise
• Mentorship for young professionals seeking career support and development
• ‘Shout-Outs’ offer an opportunity at our social events to acknowledge those who embrace the spirit of paying-it-forward by sharing their insight and expertise with other members

Mastermind Programs

• Mastermind Panels are interactive forums that benefit each of our members and focus on critical topics which impact medical device executives and the companies that employ them
• Mastermind Focus Groups provide an opportunity for our sponsors to brainstorm with the smartest professionals in the industry

Educational Programs

DeviceAlliance members are passionate about life-long learning; this is why we produce special events which focus on emerging trends in our industry. For example:
• Exploration of where the medical device and the consumer world are joining
• Wearable Technologies: The Present and the Future


Collaboration among members is an outcome of our willingness to serve each other. Living this core value builds trust among our members and trust leads to collaboration.
Our members are creative professionals who can work with you ‘on your business,’ or ‘in your business’
Benjamin Franklin was an inventor and a visionary. Plus, he knew how to have fun. We like to quote Ben when we think of virtues of mentoring:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

UCI Division of Continuing Education

OCRA Members – We extend a warm welcome to you from the UCI Division of Continuing Education. We proudly present an array of certificate programs tailored to learners aiming to initiate or elevate their careers within the dynamic Life Sciences industry

Contact us

Contact OCRA with any questions or concerns. OCRA is always looking for new members, volunteers to run a program, host for a program, speakers, or help with the Annual Meeting or membership drives.