OCRA Committees

Membership Committee

The key goal of the Membership Committee is to maintain and energize the OCRA membership to help increase numbers and participation and to identify and deliver new and continuing benefits to the OCRA membership.

Program Committee

The duties of the Program Committee include arranging for educational programs and other programs conducted by OCRA and promoting awareness of the Regulatory Affairs profession through collaborations with other educational and profession-based organizations.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that ballots are prepared and distributed in a timely manner for general and special elections and shall be responsible for tallying the votes. This committee is appointed by the current board of directors.

Annual Educational Conference Committee

The annual educational conference committee’s primary responsibility is the planning and execution of the OCRA Annual Educational Conference.   

Education and Professional Development Committee

The Education & Professional Development Committee has the primary responsibility of identifying educational and professional development opportunities for the OCRA membership. Its purpose is to encourage individuals new to science and engineering to take the opportunity to consider Regulatory Affairs as a professional goal early on in their career. Additionally, the committee strives to make it possible for OCRA members to take advantage of all educational and professional development opportunities offered by OCRA, other professional/industry organizations, and local colleges and universities. This goal is achieved through dissemination of information through the OCRA Newsletter, e-mail blasts, participation in Career Fairs/Workshops, and through financial assistance grants/scholarships for seminars, workshops, and the Annual OCRA Educational Conference.