2024 OCRA Board of Directors Nomination Form

Orange County Regulatory Affairs (OCRA) invites you to nominate yourself/others for an elected position on the OCRA Board of Directors (BOD) in 2024.


OCRA is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization established in 1994. Our mission is to provide high quality education and creative networking opportunities to life science professionals in southern California and beyond. Our membership consists of clinical, regulatory, and quality professionals and students. Our strategic partners include BioPharma and MedTech industries, academic institutions, and governmental agencies (i.e., FDA).


2024 is a great year to join the OCRA Board because you will be part of our 30th anniversary celebration at the annual meeting. You will also be a part of our North America RAPS Convergence hosting team. Do you want to expand your horizons? OCRA Leadership Circle and Mentorship Programs are waiting for you.


Benefits of becoming a board member

  • Receive recognition from employers, clients, and peers
  • Explore opportunities you don’t get at your day job
  • Grow your professional network
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Understand nonprofit operations
  • Learn about corporate governance
  • Attend OCRA and partner-joint events for free
  • Work with a friendly, diverse, intelligent, cheerful, kind, generous, fun and creative community of people


Expectations for OCRA board members

  • Attend monthly board meetings (2 hours/month)
  • Volunteer at OCRA events (2-3 hours/month)
  • Fulfill respective roles and responsibilities (1-5 hours/month)


Please submit your nomination form between August 25-September 15, 2023.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!


Fawn (Fang) Zhang, PharmD, Esq

President, Orange County Regulatory Affairs



OCRA Board Positions to Consider:


  • President-Elect: 1-year term   
    Works with the President in all aspects of OCRA’s operations and assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence. Become President after 1-year term as President-Elect.


  • Treasurer: 1-year term
    Create budgets, monitor expenses, ensure timely payments, provide financial updates to the board, and ensure compliance with nonprofit status requirements.


  • Secretary: 1-year term
    Create board meeting agendas/minutes, ensure document control per nonprofit regulations, and manage all administrative tasks for nonprofit organizations.


  • Director of Membership: 1-year term
    Grow and develop OCRA membership through outreach to prospective members and provide them with opportunities to attend educational programs, networking events, soft skills workshops, and leadership development.


  • Director of Strategic Partners: 1-year term
    Build strategic partnerships with other organizations, universities, and sponsors.


  • Director of Educational Programs: 1-year term
    Organize in-person educational programs and webinars on hot topics.


  • Director of Social Events: 1-year term
    Organize social events, such as mixers, hiking trips, holiday parties, and speed job interviews.


  • Director of Social Media: 1-year term
    Expand OCRA’s outreach via social media. Create a fun and engaging OCRA community on social media.



*At OCRA, we believe in teamwork. While each role has its own responsibilities, members of the board are interdependent. We enjoy working together, and we celebrate succeeding together.