Wendy Acosta

Full Name for Training Certificates: Wendy Acosta

Job Title: Lead Microbiologist – Lead Technical Support Specialists, Sterility Assurance

Company/Organization: NAMSA

Division: Sterility Assurance

Areas of Interest: Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Biotechnology

Other Areas of Interest: FDA, ISO, USP

Years in Industry: 4

Bio: Experienced Lead Microbiologist - Technical Support Specialist in Sterility Assurance, driving success in the medical device industry. As a committed and results-oriented leader, I prioritize fostering the growth and development of both Associates and building strong training systems that drive company growth. My focus lies in, teamwork, collaboration, and metrics-driven decision-making. With a proven track record of fostering development and achieving results, I strive for excellence in all aspects of leadership.

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