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consultantsThis directory supplies information about consultants providing regulatory, clinical, and quality system services in Orange County and http://www.auburg.de/how-to-get-levitra-no-prescription elsewhere.

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OCRA provides names of individuals and organizations offering the consulting  services described on this page without pre-screening or endorsement.  Anyone  availing themselves of these services does so at their own risk and retains sole responsibility for determining and ensuring the appropriateness of cialis from canadian pharmacy those services to their needs while holding OCRA harmless and without liability for any negative consequences arising from that use.


Contact:  Adair Turner, MS, RAC, Director of Regulatory and Clinical Operations
Specialty: New drugs, Biologics/Biotechnology, Generics, IVD, Devices

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ClinReg Consulting Services, Inc.

Contact:  Judy Gordon, D.V.M., President/Founder
Specialty: Devices,New  Drugs/OTC,Biologics/biotechnology

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Resources - Consultants Directory

Dohmen Life Sciences Services

Contact:  Julie Hoegi, M.D. - Medical Safety Director/Acting Head of Safety Consulting
Specialty: Devices, New Drugs/OTC, Biologics/Biotech, Generic Drugs, and Nutritional Supplements

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Enterey, Inc.

Contact:  Jim Anthony, Director
Specialty: Devices, IVD, New Drugs/OTC, Biologics/Biotechnology, Drugs, Devices, IVD

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FDA Consulting, LLC

Contact:  Michael Wienholt, RAC
Specialty: Devices, IVD

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Resources - Consultants Directory

Greg Godfrey & Associates

Contact:  Greg Godfrey, RAC, CQE, CQA - Owner & Principal Consultant
Specialty: Devices

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Resources - Consultants Directory

GXP Consultants

Contact:  Ashot Petrossian, PhD, Principal Manager
Specialty: Devices, New Drugs/OTC, Generic Drugs, IVDs, Biologics/Biotechnology, Dietary Supplements

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Resources - Consultants Directory

Halloran Consulting Group, Inc.

Contact:  Omid Khodai, OD, MS, RAC - Senior Consultant
Specialty: Devices, IVD, New Drugs/OTC, Biologics/Biotechnology, Generic Drugs, Nutritional Supplements

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Resources - Consultants Directory

ISOMillennium Consulting

Contact:  Serrah Namini, Consultant

Specialty: Devices, IVD, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics

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Resources - Consultants Directory

Kim Walker Consulting

Contact:  Kim Walker, MS, RAC (US & EU)
Specialty: Devices, IVD, New Drugs/OTC, Biologics/Biotechnology, Generic Drugs, Nutritional Supplements

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Contact:  Rosemarie Christopher, President & CEO
Specialty: N/A

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Resources - Consultants Directory

Noblitt & Rueland

Contact:  Brent Noblitt, Senior Partner
Specialty:  Devices, IVDs, Biologics/Biotechnology


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Resources - Consultants Directory

ProPharma Group

Contacts:  Sue Cost, Business Development Manager, West Coast

Specialties: Devices, NewDrugs/OTC, Generic Drugs, Biologics/Biotechnology, Nutritional Supplements 

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Quintiles Consulting

Contact: Phil Johnson, Senior Director, Quality & Compliance Services 
Specialty:  New and where to buy cheap nexium online Existing Drugs/OTC, Devices and Diagnostics, Biologics/Biotechnology

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Real Life Sciences

Contact:  Alan Mondus, Sr. Recruitment Consultant
Specialty: Devices, Biologics/Biotechnology

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Resources - Consultants Directory