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OCRA Member Survey

The survey was a success, with 85 percent of our members giving us input into how to move forward.

The majority of our members are from the medical device area. Most attend one FDA conference every other year and two monthly meetings a year. They enjoy our newsletters both for topic and content.

The majority of the respondents were not aware of the development of order usa viagra online the new website and they did not find it easy to navigate or register for meetings. Most of the respondents do not use the consultant forum or posting jobs within their own company. They do use the website to look for work and recommend jobs to friends.

The respondents do see a value in preparing for the RAC exam, so we should continue this effort. The board will have to collectively decide about discussion groups.

See Voice of Industry Graphs for depiction of survey results.

• Increase monthly attendance from 2 monthly meetings to 6
• Increase all members attending the FDA conferences for at least 5 years straight
• Increase awareness of the website and all its web pages
• Other input from the board based on their review of the data

• FDA-OCRA conference
• RAC exam preparation
• eNewsletter
• Enthusiastic volunteers

The OCRA survey went to a total of 2856 people that were in our database. Out of buy zetia online no prescription these, 302 visited the website and 213 completed the survey. The survey was completed by 180 (85%) members and 32 (15%) nonmembers. The majority of our respondents were from the medical device (71%), with numbers from biotech and pharma being equal (26%). The respondents attend FDA conference (65; 34%) and at least two monthly meetings a year (83:44%). This accounts for approximately 84% of the respondents surveyed.
In choosing to attend monthly meeting, the respondents stated that the topic was top priority (83%) and the speaker (55%), location (44%), price (30%), and the networking opportunity (26%) were all very important. The choice of hotel/corporation was not important to the respondent.

In choosing to attend the levitra order FDA conference, 71% were keeping their top priority as the FDA speakers followed by 39% with the industry speaker. Access to the hotel, price, and networking were weighted equally as moderately important at 39%.

When we communicate with our members, the emails do not go into spam, so we are successful at avoiding the corporate filters. 83% of our respondents read the eNewsletter, and they tell us that they like the choice of topic (48%); they also like the content (excellent and moderate totaled to 81%). Style and buy prescription propecia authors ranked equally at 44%.

When asked about our website, 56% knew of our new web development effort. However, 44% did not. This could be because the survey was conducted in Dec 2009 when it was still early. It is therefore not surprising that a staggering 10-15% had no opinion about the best viagraovernight website. The respondents like the functionality (37%), but most of them did not find it easy to renew their memberships or register for meetings. Only 29% of the respondents could access the website easily, register, and pay their membership dues. As we already knew, this area needs to be improved. The areas for job opportunities and consultant’s forum were not well known. Only 66% knew of job postings and 56% were aware of the consultant’s forum. However, of the ones that did know of these areas, the majority of our respondents use the website to check for jobs (53%) and recommend jobs to friends (44%). Very few respondents post jobs from their own company (26%) or look for consultants (31%) on our website.

When asked about discussion groups, most responded with a not applicable (83%). But from the ones that were interested, more wanted to volunteer to be a part of a discussion group (14 to 18%) than to host one (2 or 3%).

When asked about preparing for the RAC exam, about 75% plan to take the US-RAC exam followed by EU and Canada at 36% and 24%, respectively.



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