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About OCRA

Mission Statement

OCRA's mission is to provide high-quality educational programs to regulatory affairs professionals in the medical products industries, and to offer a neutral forum for the lowest price on viagra wow look it exchange of information regarding issues and www.xtremvtt-normandie.fr activities of interest to viagra online in uk our members.

About OCRA - About OCRA

Welcome to OCRA!

The Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group (OCRA) is a nonprofit volunteer organization composed of Regulatory Affairs professionals from the Southern California area who are interested in expanding their knowledge through educational programs and networking with one another. Our membership includes individuals who work in Life Sciences industries such as medical devices, pharmaceutical, biologics, IVD, dietary supplement, food, cosmetics, etc.

OCRA has over 700 members representing more than 225 companies in Orange County and surrounding areas. Most of our members are employed by small-to-medium-sized manufacturers, although larger companies are also represented.

OCRA meetings provide an educational forum and a means for the regulatory community to network. Our focus is regulatory in nature; however, our programs have also provided timely information for individuals involved in Engineering (software validation and product development), Marketing (advertising and labeling), Quality (Quality System Regulation, etc.), and other related fields. Although we are based in Orange County, our meetings consistently draw participants from all over the West Coast region.

Join us to keep up with the latest in regulatory and legislative activities from across the nation and http://oei-validation.at/viagra-discount-drug around the world!

About OCRA - About OCRA

Legal Documents

OCRA is incorporated in the State of buy propecia without a prescription California as a nonprofit educational corporation. The corporate legal documents have been made available here for your review and comment.

OCRA Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Approved by the Board of Directors


OCRA Board of Directors' Job Descriptions 

Address any comments or questions you may have about these documents to the best shop for viagra Board of Directors.

About OCRA - About OCRA

Board of Directors

The members of the 2015 - 2016 Board of Directors are:

President Evelyn de la Vega
President-Elect Christine Posin
Past-President/Professional Association Liaison Regina O'Meara
Treasurer  Shannon Stoddard
Secretary/Annual Meeting Chairperson Kimberly Ricks
Programs Chairperson Mugdha Dongre
Annual Meeting Chairperson Kimberly Ricks
Educational and Professional Development            Cindy Fisher
Membership/Member Benefits Trudy Papson



About OCRA - About OCRA

OCRA Partnerships

If your organization would like to co-sponsor an event with OCRA or have an event promoted to OCRA Members, please review the information below.  If you believe the event meets the criteria listed below, please use the “Contact Us” feature to send your request for OCRA’s consideration.

Partnership Criteria

For the benefit of our membership, OCRA will, on occasion, partner with other nonprofit organizations to sponsor programs jointly, list other organizational events on the pdrauto.com OCRA Website, and/or list other organizational events in the OCRA NewsBrief. In determining which activities we will co-sponsor or co-promote, the Board of Directors will consider the following:
  1. The activity should be of potential benefit or interest to OCRA members.
  2. The event should not be in direct conflict with OCRA planned programs of a similar topic.
  3. The event should not conflict with or detract from OCRA’s planned program attendance.
  4. The activity should not be a promotional or commercial event for an individual, firm, partnership, or organization.
  5. Cross-promotion is discouraged within 30 days prior to the Annual FDA-OCRA Educational Conference.
  6. Email broadcasts for events will not be sent to our members on behalf of other organizations unless OCRA is a co-sponsor of cialis for females the event.
  7. Exceptions require board approval.

 Partnership Criterion for For-Profit Organizations

For-profit organizations, if offering a discount to OCRA members: Promotion requires Board approval and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

About OCRA - About OCRA