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Membership Benefits

Higher Education

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OCRA provides a networking, educational forum on the latest regulatory matters in Life Sciences. 

Our goal is to promote an atmosphere of open exchange of ideas and discussion for Regulatory Affairs professionals in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biological, Dietary Supplement, Food, and Cosmetic industries.


About OCRA - Membership Benefits

Job Opportunity Listings

Find out about currently open positions in our industry! If you're looking to advance your career or want to see what's available in the job market at the pfizer cialis uk moment, keep checking back - new positions are posted frequently.

About OCRA - Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

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Talk with other professionals who encounter the same daily situations that you do!

Several events are offered each year to allow our members to network, including a Member Appreciation Night held during our annual FDA-OCRA Educational Conference.

All OCRA Members are invited to attend free of charge.

About OCRA - Membership Benefits



As a free benefit to our members, OCRA sends out regular newsletters informing our membership of the latest happenings at OCRA and in the industry.

We also have an extensive archive of previous newsletters that are available in our document library for use by members at any time.


About OCRA - Membership Benefits

Industry Information


Stay abreast of viagra buyviagra onlin advice the latest developments in the Regulatory Affairs industry by staying connected with OCRA and its members.

OCRA brings members the latest information of importance to Regulatory Affairs and Quality Professionals from the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biological, Dietary Supplement, Food, and Cosmetic industries through newsletters, meetings, discussion groups, postings, and networking opportunities.

About OCRA - Membership Benefits

OCRA Mentoring Program

ocra mentoringOCRA's Mentoring Program helps promote the career growth and development of OCRA Members and to confidence strengthen the regulatory affairs profession. Applications to become a Mentor or a Mentee are required.

About OCRA - Membership Benefits