Tuesday, October 06, 2015

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Professional Development

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OCRA is committed to identifying new educational and www.3dinspection.com professional development opportunities for our members and to usa pharmacy cialis promoting awareness of the Regulatory Affairs profession in general.

Our Education & Professional Development Committee aims to encourage individuals new to science and engineering the opportunity to see Regulatory Affairs as a professional career goal early in their career development.

Additionally, the Committee strives to make it possible for OCRA members to take advantage of all educational and professional development opportunities offered by OCRA, other professional/industry organizations, and local colleges and universities. This goal is click now cost of viagra achieved through dissemination of information through the http://adventistar.net/joomla3/index.php/cialis-master-card/ OCRA Newsletter, e-mail blasts, participation in Career Fairs/Workshops, and financial assistance grants/scholarships for seminars, workshops, and the Annual OCRA Educational Conference.

Moreover, the OCRA Professional Outreach Committee is tasked with promoting awareness of the Regulatory Affairs profession through collaborations with other education-based and profession-based organizations.

Category: Professional Development