Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.

Professional project management is imperative to operate successfully in the highly regulated Life Sciences industry. Companies need effective cross-functional team leadership to deliver their development programs and meet evolving regulatory requirements.


Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (IPM) helps ensure product development teams bring high-quality, compliant products as quickly as possible to the market for patients. We help our clients achieve their goals with targeted planning and by executing strategies to enable successful submissions, ensure Health Authority compliance, mitigate risks, remediate issues, and support commercial launches. We excel when timelines are tight, resources are thin, and quality cannot be compromised.


IPM has a proven track record of applying professional project management knowledge and effective teamwork to address and overcome challenges often faced by Regulatory and Quality departments. We successfully help our clients manage their highest priority programs in their project portfolios to bring new medical products to market. Contact us to learn how IPM can support you at